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Divorce is hard no matter what the circumstance may be or who initiates.  Our office is here to make it as easy as we can by making the process as simple as possible.  Every case is different but we strive to expedite the process and help eliminate as much stress from our clients as we can.  We will walk you through the process and make it as simple as it can be.


Whether you need guardianship over an adult with a mental or physical problem, our office is able to assist you in this process.  There are many different situations that arise that makes it necessary to have guardianship in place, some examples would be a family member with  Alzheimers disease or even parents that are not capable of taking care of their children possibly because of drug abuse and in come cases  incarcerated individuals.   There can be several reasons to obtain guardianship.


Some times during our lives we need someone to act as our agent should we not be able to handle our own affairs.  In these times it is necessary to have a Power of Attorney drawn up and these can be used for medical decisions, real estate, financial matters or many other cases.   Our office will be glad to explain just what these mean and when you might need to obtain one.


Mr. Huffman has been assisting people for many years that are trying to get on Disability.  Our office takes cases at the Appeal stage.  Our office will walk you through what has to be done and we will work for you by diligently getting the documentation you need to present your case to the Social Security Administration.  You will be assisted by Mr. Huffman should you be granted a hearing.  The best part of this process is that you will owe us nothing unless we win your case.


Our office has handled many adoptions from infants to grown children.  There are many instances where adoptions come into play and we will also work closely with the Choctaw Nation in our area should a child be of Indian blood and we keep them informed of all proceedings.


Any one can and should have a Will to have their desires in place should tragedy strike.  A Will can be as simple or as complex as you would want it to be.  A Will is YOUR wishes and as such you have the right to put in your Will whatever you wish.  Our office will walk you through it and it is more affordable than you might think.  We are here to help you prepare your Last Will and Testament.  It is important to know that you can always add to or change your Will at any time.  Give us a call and we will be glad to explain just what you would need to get yours in place.


Visitation rights of non-parents did not exist more than 40 years ago.  Visitation rights, until recently, only applied to a childs parents.  Today, however, every state has created statutes to govern the visitation rights of grandparents and certain other non-parents, such as foster parents, caregivers or step parents.  These visitation laws grant grandparents and these non-parents the legal right to visit a child.


You will have to determine whether your loved ones estate has to be probated.  If there is real estate that was not transferred out of that deceased persons name, then more than likely you will have to  go through probate.  Probate in Oklahoma is a process that can take 6 months or longer to finish.  There are certain requirements in the probate process that we have to follow.  If you want to avoid having to probate your property in the future you would have to make sure and transfer property out of your name for a period of 5 years in order for liens not to be placed on your property should you have to enter a nursing facility and not have a way to pay the cost of such a facility.  It is always good to make an appointment for counseling with an attorney to find out just what you would need to do to avoid probate.